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FREE Banner loan to anyone who has a 1-2-1 home consultation to help promote a garage sale or front garden sale so you can turn your clutter into cash!

Banners are of a standard exterior eyelet format for easy fixing, and are personalised for the date and time of your Garage or front garden sale.

You banner will look something like this:

Garage Sale / Garden Sale HERE


*Clothes      *Collectables    *Brick-a-brac  *jewellery 
*wall pictures     *lots more!

If you need help with your clutter, call 0870 429 9594

If you would like to just buy a banner for your garage sale or front garden sale then please call us on 01295 275030 and we’d be happy to arrange that for you – they cost £95 each with the stickers on them (including P&P) and are special, outdoor banners and we can arrange several stickers with dates and times on if you’re planning several sales over a period of time.
Call one of the telephone numbers listed on the right to find out more or e-mail

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