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Clutter Clearing Consultancy is unique in providing the first ever Clutter Calculator - an opportunity to find out how much you’ve spent, and are continuing to spend on keeping your clutter. People are usually surprised how much their clutter has cost them so far. Some people comment that it’s not a ‘true’ figure in that they can’t choose not to pay the costs for that cluttered space.

Imagine if you could turn that space into a money making / saving space………

Could you;

  • rent out the spare room
  • hire out some of the clutter (e.g. designer clothes you don’t wear)
  • turn spare material and old curtains into cushions or something that you could sell at craft fairs or give to charity
  • put the car in the garage instead of parking it on the street at night (insurance is always cheaper if you have a garage you can actually use)
1) What percentage of your total home space does your clutter take up (including your attic and garage)? %
2) How much does your house / office cost you per month    
Mortgage / Rent
Council tax
3) How long have you had your clutter?    


The cost of your clutter per month £ £
The cost of your clutter per year £ £

The cost of your clutter SO FAR £


One lady contacted us because she’d just received a quote for an extension to her house – an extension primarily to create more storage space for her clutter.

The quote came in at £13,000, so she contacted us to find out whether investing in a clutter consultation might enable her to save some money by needing a smaller extension.

By the time we had cleared her clutter not only did she NOT need any extra space, she had also ‘found’ her spare room AND garage, and had made enough money from the lost treasures she didn’t know she had to pay for a pampering weekend at a health spa.

Her clutter was worth £13,000 because it saved her £13,000……………..

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