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We have 5 ways of helping you with your clutter on a 1-2-1 basis.

Working with a trained Clutter Consultant who maintains confidentiality at all times, they can help you:

1. In your home with a 1-2-1 home consultation.

2. On the telephone with telephone coaching by the hour.

3. At the home of a consultant with a 1-2-1 workshop.

4. By email or request a call back from a consultant

5. Call us during our Clutter Clinic, with free telephone help on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11am – 2pm

Our consultants

All our consultants have completed training to ensure that they understand clutter, the clutter cycle, how clutter accumulates, how it affects people and how to help people clear and sort their clutter at a practical level. You can be confident a consultant has had a minimum of 3 supervised consultations as part of their training and knows how to help you at a practical level.

With EVERY 1-2-1 Home Consultation you will get:

  • A 1 hour telephone consultation in advance of the home consultation

  • 6 hours of hands on help in your home

  • FREE copies of workbook 1 & 2

  • A FREE set of Clutter Clearing Category Cards

  • A 15 minute weekly telephone consultation for 6 weeks after the home consultation to help you stay on track

  • 3 months FREE membership to the on-line members area

  • The option of having as little as an hours hands on help in the future, or as much as 2 days at a time.

  • Ongoing local support from your nearest Clutter Cluster - a monthly get together of Clutter Clearing Members in your area who meet to share ideas, tips, get help from a consultant, listen to a speaker etc.
  • FREE banner loan to promote a garage sale or front garden sale so you can turn your clutter into cash! Let a garage sale or front garden sale refund the cost of the 1-2-1!


being able to walk into your home and know:
  • that there wasn't any clutter which was out of control
  • that everything was where it belonged
  • that you could easily everything
  • that you knew how to keep it under control
  • that you knew how to deal with any new clutter
What would that be like?

What could you do with the extra space or room?

Would your car insurance be less if you could put your car into the garage over night?

Could you create an extra room, maybe an office, or a children’s playroom?

Maybe you are trying to sell your house but haven’t had any offers yet and wonder if the sight of your clutter is putting off potential buyers.

Did you know that people who have less clutter sell their houses more quickly?

Did you know that people subconsciously assess the size of a room by how much floor and wall space they can see – so the less clutter on the floor, the bigger the room will seem?

Did you know that being able to show that you really do have a 3 bedroom house and not a 2 bedroom, 1 box room/store room house will help you sell your house? People pay more for bedrooms than storage rooms.

Having a space or room which is full of clutter can affect people without them realising it, and getting round to actually sorting it can be a struggle.

  • Have you ever put on a ‘to-do list’ ‘must clear out spare room’?
  • How many times does that item ever get ticked off, or crossed out completely?
  • Do other things creep on to the list which somehow seem more pressing or important?
  • Does it always stay at the bottom of the list, becoming an ideal?
  • Do you feel guilty or inadequate for never actually having a proper go at sorting through it?
  • Does the clutter seem to be growing to such an extent that you feel you need more and more time to be able to sort it out, time that just doesn’t seem to be available?

Many houses seem to get out of control with clutter at certain times of the year, especially if there are children, pets, new additions to the family, visitors coming to stay or children on holiday. How many times do you find yourself clearing up after the children during half term or the summer holidays, and you know that it’s all going to return in just a matter of hours?

Maybe clutter accumulates at such a rate that you don't know what's in your clutter, you just know that you want to get it out of sight as quickly as possible so you pack it into boxes and put it away in the attic, or the garage, or the shed. And then the next time the clutter builds up, you add to those boxes in the attic, garage and shed. This is how clutter grows...

If your clutter keeps coming back then we know why —
You have a Clutter Accumulation Cycle
instead of a Clutter Control Cycle

What if you could sort through those boxes of clutter and get back the space in your garage, shed or attic?

Many people tell us that they often find that their own attempts to clear their clutter have failed because they have simply moved their clutter from one location to another. What was in the garage gets moved to the attic or shed where you can't see it so easily. They never quite manage to clear the clutter, they simply move the clutter instead.

But what if you could reduce and control the amount of clutter you have by clearing it and then storing what you keep in an appropriate, easy and simple way?

We specialises in helping people
get back control of their homes
and create the space they need and want to live in.

Once people get a clear idea of what it is they want to achieve by clearing their clutter and understand the effect it's having not just on them, but on their friends and family, we find that the process of clearing the clutter and deciding what to keep and what not to keep is easy to follow.

Unlike some organisations, The Clutter Clearing Consultancy is unique in giving people a CHOICE about what to keep.

We will NEVER:

  • Tell you what you should and shouldn't keep - a piece of paper to us may be a last letter from a loved one to you. We know you don't want us to make judgements on you and your belongings, do you?
  • We will never tell you that something isn't important or significant enough for you to keep.
  • There are no skips or crushers involved in the process, but rather a process and a set of questions to enable you to decide what's best for you and your clutter.
  • There are no judgements, rules or right or wrong answers.

We are dealing with your clutter.
Your clutter is part of you.
We will help you make the difficult decisions about your clutter.

You created it, and you are clearing it for your benefit. We strongly believe that you are the best person to decide what happens to it. We will give you the tools and process by which you can decide what happens to it more easily. And we guarantee that once you have the new habit of being able to clear your clutter, your clutter will never return to the same proportions, and if clutter does start to appear you'll know exactly what to do with it to get it under control.

To find out more, either call us on

0870 429 9594

to find out where your local consultant is, or complete the enquiry form to the right.

We look forwarding to helping you
get back control of your clutter!

What are the benefits of a home consultation?

  • It's carried out in the privacy of your own home so you don't share your clutter with other people or show anyone else.
  • It's a completely confidential service.
  • We arrive at 10am and leave around 4pm. So, if you don't want anyone else in the household to know you're having some help with the clutter, you don't have to tell them.
  • We can provide 6 weeks of follow up support if you think it would be helpful.
  • Depending on which home consultation package you choose, you can buy the clutter clearing products at a reduced price.
  • You can take advantage of our special rates and discounts with companies that we recommend. They don't pay us to recommend them - we only recommend companies that we know can provide the right type of storage and service our clients expect.
  • You get your own, personalised workbook that you get to keep for future reference at the end of the consultation.
  • You'll be able to get started with clearing the clutter while we're there.
  • You'll know how to clear your clutter after we've gone.

I'd like to find out more

What Our Clients Say

We have made massive progress. The garage is now complete, and we are tackling the cupboards in the house. The garden shed is next and the summer house. The breakthrough came when we managed to allocated one of the shelving units in the garage to all his files and stationery items, so they weren't hanging about on window sills in the conservatory and getting on his nerves. Things have definitely taken a turn for the better, thanks to you. I couldn't have wished for a better result.

Janet, Wiltshire

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