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A lot of de-cluttering experts will tell you that they will help you clear your clutter by telling you what you
should and shouldn’t keep or doing it for you.

Is that really going to help you in the long term?

If it were that simple, why pay someone a small fortune to come and tell you what’s of value and what’s rubbish – I can tell you what to do now. Get a skip, empty all your clutter into it now and start again. And when the clutter comes back (and it will!) do the same again.

But it’s not that simple, is it?

What to me is a worthless piece of paper may be to you a last letter from a loved one. How am I to know unless I’ve spend hours, days, months getting to know you?

Text Box:  My name is Clare Baker and I set up the Clutter Clearing Consultancy.

You should know that I don’t believe in telling people what to do with their clutter.  We’re all old enough to make the decisions ourselves, but maybe we need a little bit of help, guidance and motivation to get us started.  I know I can help you by giving you a simple step by step process to follow, help you find a place to start, and help you to motivate yourself.

If you respond with a ‘yes’ to at least some of the following, you’ve come to the right place to get help with your clutter, and you’re going to love the Clutter Clearing eBooks.
  • You simply want to clear your clutter so you can get on with your life
  • You simply need a step by step process to follow
  • You simply need help to get started, or find a place to start
  • You want to double, triple, even quadruple the amount of space you currently have in your home
  • You’ve cleared some clutter in the past but it came back
  • You want to learn how to clear your clutter in a way that doesn’t need such a large amount of your time, effort or energy.
  • You know you could clear a lot more, and clear it quicker with just a little help
  • You realise that simply doing what you’re doing at the moment isn’t getting where you want to be fast enough
  • You know (or at least suspect) that even if you could clear it, it would come back again pretty quick
  • You haven’t been able to enjoy your home for a long time
  • You haven’t been able to relax in your home
  • You can’t imagine your home without the clutter
  • You suspect your home could be fantastic if you didn’t have the clutter
  • You suspect some of your clutter may be worth something, if you could just get to it and sell it
  • Your clutter is beginning to affect other areas of you life, like your work, family, friendships, motivation and energy levels
  • You hate the thought of people popping round without calling first because you’re so ashamed of your home

The key to clearing the clutter both now and for good is having a clear goal of what you want to achieve and a simple step by step process to follow.  Only then can you find contentment, satisfaction, pride, success, sanctuary, energy and a feeling of calm control in your home.

Am I qualified to talk about clutter?

Absolutely.  7 years ago I had a mid-life crisis at the age of 28, had clutter that was out of control despite previously having been a highly organised person. I had been a PA, Office Manager, Project Manager in my working life, being organised came naturally to me, so what had happened?   I discovered that virtually all of the people I new and worked with who were able to naturally kept their clutter under control had several processes, systems, procedures in common with each other.  This meant that I discovered that clearing and organising is a skill that can be taught to anyone who wants to learn how to clear their clutter.

The more I studied clutter free people, the more I realised how they are alike – and very different from people who have clutter that’s out of control.

As I began to notice and copy the processes, systems and procedures of those people who had no clutter, my clutter began to clear.  It began slowly at first – I had a lot of clutter to clear – but the more I practiced the preparation and process, the more clutter got cleared – and even more amazing, the less clutter continued to accumulate. Not only was I clearing my clutter, but I was controlling new clutter that came into my home, without even having to think about it!

I’ve spent the last few years perfecting it and teaching it to others in their home, in workshops, evening courses, Clutter Clusters and the eBooks.   

I’ve worked with many people, organisations and media. The BBC use me on a regular basis on discussions about clutter and how to clear it. Most importantly I practice what I preach.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover with the eBook 1 and 2
The science of it

  • How to make decisions about clearing, reducing and storing clutter
  • How to prevent one room becoming a repository for junk
  • How to save space through dual usage of rooms
  • How regular clearance habits are better than the occasional blitz
  • Photographing the changes in order to chart your progress

The psychology of it

  • How to do it in a way that your brain finds it easy to learn
  • Knowing that we have lives, and clearing the clutter has to fit around it
  • Finding the right place for you to start
  • Dumping all those things that "might have come in handy"
  • Visualising the space as it will look and feel
  • Arranging rewards for yourself at each completed stage
  • Facing up to the fact that it's all going to take time – and knowing that’s OK.

Worksheets - activating the routines that get things done

  • Systematic 15-part schedule that keeps you firmly on track
  • How to overview your clutter situation and plan clearance
  • Committing to a sequence of tasks - with deadlines
  • Your brief - a rough sketch of each room minus its clutter
  • Logging the new ideas that may occur to you in mid-task

Remember – you’ve also got access to the Clutter Clinic three times a week if you need it, the local Clutter Clusters once a month, or I’m on e-mail if you need a bit of extra help or guidance.  I’m here to help you after all because I know how great it feels to get control of your clutter, and you life.

Using the eBooks you’re going to have to take the guidance in them and turn that into action. There’s no magic solution that will make your clutter magically disappear over night.  If there was you wouldn’t be looking at this website, right?!

You will need to do 2 things:

  • Invest in the eBooks
  • Make some time to go through them and implement them, make the changes you want to make, and create the home you want to enjoy. Then you'll achieve a clutter free home and life.

Is it worth it?
That depends on whether trying something different and trusting someone who has had clutter themselves is worth £12.97 to you.
Let’s be realistic. 

If you consider how much money you'll make from the things that you may find, things that you could sell at auction, or on auction websites, sell at a garage sale, money you could make by renting out the spare room or garage, £12.97 isn’t a lot...

If you consider the increase in space you'll enjoy from clearing space to invite just one important friend or family member round to enjoy your home and space with you, it's peanuts...

If you consider the value of suddenly feeling energised, in control, powerful, successful and ready to move on and face the world, it's nothing...

Don't you owe it to yourself, your family and your home to at least try the eBooks?

What are your goals for the next year? Really. Think about what you'd like to achieve with your home in the next year.

Text Box:  Text Box:  Now, look around the room you are in right now. Really study it because you'll want to remember this.  In fact, you’ll need this memory for the eBook.
Because 12 short months from now, you could have a clutter free home that’s been clear of clutter for months, and have moved on in your life to making all your dreams come true.

Or, you could be sitting in the same place, doing basically the same thing, surrounded by the same clutter, feeling the same way you do now…..
The choice is yours.

But I'll guarantee you this...

If you do invest a little in yourself and by buying the eBooks and following through with them, 12 months from now the room that’s cluttered now will look very different to what it does now.

Together, with these eBooks, we'll design the home of your dreams. The system couldn't be easier... you simply download the eBooks from the links provided with 15 minutes of you clicking the ‘buy’ button, and you can use them on your computer or print them off.

So if you’re reading this in the middle of the night, you could start clearing your clutter and your life in the next 15 minutes!

To your continued success and clutter free life.

Clare Baker

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