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Written by UK de-cluttering expert Clare Baker.

"I've written it so it's easy to read, use and refer back to..."

I want you to get that fantastic feeling that we all get when we've de-cluttered.

This eBook guarantees to help you get started and motivated.

From cluttered and out of control...

To organised, controlled and useful

So that you can start to de-clutter anything and decide where and how to store it.

From your paperwork to your garage.

Enabling you to get control of your clutter...

...and create the space you've always wanted imagined and need.


One persons clutter into someone else's treasure!

This is a User-Friendly eBook.
Easy to read.
Easy to follow and understand.
Easy to put into practice.
Easy to refer back to as you get started.

De-cluttering made easy

Your Clutter Clearing Step by Step Guide

A practical Step by Step process to follow

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UK de-cluttering expert Clare Baker brings you her no-nonsense, simple step by step system to help you de-clutter your home, your possessions and your life.

  • Tired of living with clutter?

  • Need more space?

  • Want more space where you can just 'be' yourself in the home you always dreamed of having?

If you answered yes to any of these then read on...

What did you imagine your home would be like? Was it a neat, tidy, spacious, beautiful, stress free, enjoyable, relaxing home where you want to spend your leisure time with yourself, your family and your guests? Perhaps your home has been like that, but for whatever reason the clutter has grown before your very eyes and now it's taken over your home, your thoughts, your to-do list.

Clare Baker has the answer to enable you to succeed with all of the above in just 15 steps and by spending only 10 minutes a day you can claim back your home, your space AND know how to control your clutter. The acknowledged UK expert at getting clutter under control she's worked with clutterholics, celebrities, magazines and the BBC for over 15 years giving advice, working with people in their homes, running workshops, working with companies... in fact, Clare knows everything there is to know about clutter and she guarantees that nothing can shock her about your clutter!

'People always feel ashamed of the clutter in their homes.

For some reason we think we should be able to control it, as if it's a skill we should be born with.


We're all born with different skills. If we're not born with de-cluttering skills then we simple need to learn them.'

Clare's method doesn't involve hiding the clutter, or making your home look like the magazines. Clare will give you the courage to take it step by step, room by room to sort through your clutter and create the home you want. She'll give you choices and options and most importantly help you get clear about your dream home.

As the clutter clearance expert who has had clutter herself, she knows what is like. As you'll find with her accessible eBook, complete with examples, stories, helpful worksheets all designed to help you show clutter who's boss, there is a way to get it back in control of your clutter.

See what people are saying

The eBook has 15 simple steps to follow, each created from her tried and tested method of transforming homes into the clutter free, organized and positive place that people always wanted it to be. At every step you'll achieve unbelievable results and understanding that you never imagined were possible, and you'll see visible results with your clutter in your home within weeks. Written in a simple, easy to use format to help you stay on track and revisit if needed.

Clare's simple methods stress the importance of taking it one step at a time with rewards along the way. She emphasizes the importance of seeing the benefit of clutter and holding onto the good things. She also candidly points out that you may need to give yourself more than a couple of days to de-clutter your whole home - and that's OK! You're only human after all and you have a busy life.

By spending just 10 minutes a day reading and completing one of the 15 simple steps of the eBook you'll get in return:

  • A manageable and achievable step closer to a clutter-free life
  • Some advice and wisdom from an expert
  • A different way of seeing, thinking and feeling about your clutter
  • Immediate, visible results created entirely by you
  • Motivated and focused on your de-cluttering in JUST 2 weeks!
  • The emergence of a plan...

Boost your confidence

  • Find out why you're perfectly normal
  • Did you know some clutter is good for you?
  • Discover what you want to achieve by de-cluttering
  • Find out how to change the space for the better NOW
  • Learn to reward yourself
  • Learn how to give yourself realistic timescale that fit in with your life
  • It's OK to be human

What is it that you want to do?

  • Get back a feeling of control over your clutter
  • Get a clear idea of what you want your dream home to be like
  • Create a compelling reason for de-cluttering
  • Change how you feel about the space without clearing the clutter
  • Get started
  • Record your successes

Get control

  • Get back control of your clutte
  • Create a de-cluttering habit
  • Have a practical, realistic step-by-step companion

Find out the secrets

  • The clutter confessions of a clutter clearing expert!
  • The Truth about clutter
  • The secret of why the TV programmes and picture books don't work
  • Why it is that some people don't seem to worry about their clutter

Take away the stress

  • A realistic way of getting motivated and focused
  • A practical step-by-step approach
  • An approach to getting started that is entirely doable
  • Straightforward questions to answer to help you get clear
  • Ideas and tips based on other peoples experiences
  • A companion in your journey
  • Written by someone who knows what it's like to have clutter

Also included:

  • Deciding where to start (see worksheet 3)
  • Creating a new clutter clearing habit (see worksheet 9)
  • The importance of rewards (see worksheet 11)
  • Do you know how to fit clutter clearing into your busy life? (see worksheet 12)

At last - a practical and realistic Guide to de-cluttering for Good

In stock NOW
Goods Dispatched
via e-mail link as a pdf and eBook


Supplied as an e-book for Windows PCs, and a .PDF for Apple Macs.

To get your copy of the e-book downloaded onto your computer when you have ordered, simply click on the download link in the e-mail you will receive to confirm your order to let you download a zip file containing the e-book.

If you have any problems with the download then do call us on 0870 429 9594 or e-mail us at: with the subject title 'e-book download' with your query and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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